Canadian Sculptures' Society

Adrienne Alison

Adrienne Alison has been sculpting for 18 years and has studied both in North America and in England. She has a rich artistic background that spans both art and the fascinating field of art as applied to "reconstructive" mediacine. This unique background allows her to combine artistic sensitivity with a disciplined, professional process and anatomical accuracy.
While living in London, England for four years, she was inspired by its rich tradition of portraiture. She studied at the Kensington and Chelsea College and trained with British artists.
She also hold a BA in "Art as Applied to Medicine" from the University of Toronto, and a Masters in Facial Prosthetics from the University of Michigan. Adrienne was a leader in this highly specialized field and developed and implemented advances in maxillofacial prosthetics (rebuilding or replacing the face or neck). She established and operated a clinic at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto for more than a decade. This background enabled her to study the human anatomy in depth and create body prostheses where accuracy is paramount. The same attention to detail is demonstrated in her pursuit and spirited realism in sculpture.
Adrienne has done portrait busts for private collections in Engand and Canada. Sample commissions and works in which she specializes include: spirited life-size portrait busts of children or adults; smaller portrait busts; bronze figures of children in poses and activities typical of their age; three dimensional family portraits; large sculpture for outdoor public spaces or gardens (e.g. the Bionic Woman at the Ontario Science Centre).
Alison works in a variety of mediums including plaster, terra cotta, bronze, bronze-resin.




SSC Member Since: 1998