Canadian Sculptures' Society

Andrew Pawlowski

There is nothing as pure or as clean as a stone. It can survive the human memory. A hard stone is like a silent sparring partner. By working on it, one is able to release anger and frustration, while fulfilling the need for creativity. Soft stone challenges one's wit and sense of humour. You can laugh and joke, while shaping, filing away, and smoothing around. Other than stone, I like to use musical instruments, bone, driftwood, found objects and bronze for my sculptures. My sculptures are semi-realistic, often "medieval" and symbolic. They are settled somewhere along the mysterious road between life and death, slightly away from the main tract. They demonstrate variants of human attitudes, not so much towards other people, as towards themselves, toward self-deception. They are thoughts and feelings with the capacity of conveying them into the form, into some kind of illustration of my mental vision. At the same time they are thought-provoking exercises—ironic, tragic, funny, unmasking of human weakness, disturbing on many occasions. Symbols embedded in my sculptures are not intended for straightforward interpretation. They serve to shift imagination from one alternative to the other, to run the gamut of feelings. Association in a symbolic way, creates some sort of déja-vu. It draws on the past, has oneiric associations and foreshadows the future. My sculptures are like a dangerous joke: a burst of clowning that preludes the deadly serious. A hint only, a gesture towards the spectators, this is only part of the story, the rest is up to the viewers.



Media: Stone, found objects, bronze

SSC Member Since: 1986