Canadian Sculptures' Society

Marianne Reim

Experiencing the work of Marianne Reim is like traveling through a mysterious world of hidden messages, inscription that are to be decoded like sacred archaeological finds whereby we would discover true meanings to our very existence. Reim`s installations comprised of books constructed from steel and stone, combine elements of architecture, sculpture and the written word. As viewers, we attempt to find meaning by reading and mentally peeling away the layers to get at the core of the work.
Reim's art is a spiritual visual poesis. Through a synthesis of text and image, she offers verbal visual messages that have symbolic reference to life experience. To experience her works is like standing at the door between past and future. It is not only a process of discovery, but also a process of trying to make sense of what is around us. Reim encourages us to slow down, think and deconstruct what is relayed and why it affects us so. Language is the place she begins. As children where we are situated socially is constructed by our language. It is the cement that binds and maintains the social world of experience. Reim`s objects remain close to the familiar and everyday, yet their corporeal functions are highly suggestive. Reim has selected to make these objects manually, by her own hand, cutting and burning steel and stone. The materials she uses suggest muteness, a paradox, for within the inscribed words and signs, the language base, lies silent speechless objects. Through this work, Marianne Reim gives communal meaning to our existence.S.Madill, Senior Curator AGH
ARTIST STATEMENT: The specific forms of my work float on the surface of a well of memory. I create discreet objects, objects in series and installation. My preferred material is steel. In my constructions the material wears its identity through rough cut edges, visible welds and an undisguised slabness. I may combine them with wire, stone, text and miscellaneous findings.
By cutting, burning and welding, experience, memory and emotion are melded into steel.



Media: Steel, stone, other media

SSC Member Since: 1996