Canadian Sculptures' Society

Laura Santini

Artist Statement

I approach the human form in a 'reductionist' point of view. Instead of whole bodies, I make plaster castings, cut them into various sections and re-assemble them. Missing parts become a study of 'contrasts': positive and negative, good and evil, yin and yang. Life is a balance of these forces. I like to mix the traditional with a contemporary touch the 'old' mixed with the 'new'. By taking away parts I can involve the viewers' imagination.

Brief Biography

Born in 1960, Milano, Italy
Immigrated to Montreal in 1976

MFA New York University, NY USA
Studied sculpture in New York, Toronto, London & Paris

Selected Exhibitions
2000 Sculptures Modulaires, Landau Fine Arts, Montreal QC

2009 Octogenii + 1, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
2005 Maria Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto
Earthbound, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2004 Maria Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto
Man, Nature, Self, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2003 SSC 75th Anniversary, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
Water, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2002 New Members, Canadian Sculpture Centre
Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal QC
2001 Galerie Simon Blais
Musee d'arts contemporarin de Montreal
Bale Art Fair, Bale, Suisse
Chicago Art Fair, Chicago USA
Palm Springs International Art Fair, USA

Santini's work is included in private and public collections in Canada, USA and Europe. She works in Montreal and Milano Italy.


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SSC Member Since: 2001