Canadian Sculptures' Society

Karen Stoskopf Harding

Artist Statement:
I admire the strong imagery and transcendent qualities of the art of native peoples. In my own work I seek to investigate and to translate the mystical/spirtual phenomena of nature and the human condition.
The human head has been my special focus over the years, with an earlier series of bronze masks, and a current series of encaustic masks decorated in symbollic fashion.

1977 M.A. (History of Art), University of Toronto
1974 B.A. (Honours Visual Arts), University of Western Ontario
1984 Summer Course, Atlin Centre for the Arts, B.C.
1995-Present Summer Courses, Haliburton School of the Arts

Selected Group Exhibitions:
1984-Present SSC Exhibitions, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto City Hall, Columbus Centre, etc.
1990,1992 "Bronzetto Dantesco" Ravenna, Italy
1987 "Twenty by Twenty" London Regional Art Gallery

Museum of Indian Archaeology, London
North York Central Library, Toronto
Musée Stoskopf, Brumath, Alsace, France
Numerous Private Collections
Comission: 2002 - 40th Anniversary, ADvent Lutheran Chrucy, Toronto



Media: Mixed Media

SSC Member Since: 1984