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Artist Statement

My childhood experience in the Vietnam War has, paradoxically, become a driving force in my artistic creations. Escaping from the war-ravaged small village in Vietnam at age twelve, my consequent voyage with other "boat people" started my life journey for love in a more humane world.

I am impassioned with biomorphic abstract forms. As an artist I am aware of and respect the (art) movements of my time, but to create I remove myself from the influences of the time and retreat into a private space where I can experiment and explore possibilities of each phase of my inner life.

I continue to search for an organic fusion between my creative ideas and the abstract form. If such a fusion exists, or a moment of visualizing such fusion is possible, I know it only exists in the long journey ahead.

When sculpt, I employ abstract sculpture language to explore human relationships, which to me, are the origin of life. Lines, especially curved lines, fascinate me; they seem to have the capacity for embracing all other lines; forming various shapes. Curved lines are also metaphors, they represent the feminine power in the universe, the nourishing and generating force of all lives. Joining curved lines with other lines, I have created the sacred bond between Mother and her children, compassionate love among human beings, intensive love between lovers, cyclical movements in nature.

Many of my sculptures express the self-contained cosmos in its cycle of exhaustion and regeneration. In other pieces I have combined forms in a way that is expressive of relationships between living beings. It is not enough for me that a work of art be beautiful or express emotion: I want my pieces to carry each viewer beyond sensation, into realms of contemplation.

Brief Biography

AOCA Ontario College of Art

Selected Exhibitions
2008 New Works, Glenn Green Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona
2005 XeXe Gallery, Toronto
2004 Revelations, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto

2009 I Am A Rock, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2008 42nd Yr Anniversary, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2007 Christies Outdoor Sculpture Biennale, Vancouver BC
2005 Asian Nuances, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2004 Ex Pluribus Unum, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

Pham-New has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada, USA and Asia. His work is included in many private and corporate collections. He currently lives and works in Toronto and Vietnam.


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SSC Member Since: 2003