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Octavia Proca

Artist Statement

I consider art as a form of meditation on the human condition, with the artist and his work as the mirrors, which reflect it. The artist controls the work only in the process of making it. When the work is finished, it acquires an identity of its own and it is up to the viewer to decide for further interpretation. Therefore there is a dynamic relationship between four elements: the original creator (the artist), his vision (subjective) of the outside world (objective) and the viewer (who will process the objective back into a subjective, personal interpretation. It means making it your "own").

Brief Biography

Born in Timisoara, Romania, 1950; immigrated to Canada 1996

1990 Doctorate Research Program, University of Iasi
1973 Philology, University of Iasi
1970 Sculpture, School of Art, Iasi

Selected Exhibitions
2014 Solid Ideas, John B. Aird Gallery
2013 85!…And Still Going Strong, John B. Aird Gallery
2011 Infinity3, John B. Aird Gallery
2010 Critical Mass, John B. Aird gallery
2009 I Am A Rock, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2008 80!…Still Going Strong, John B. Aird Gallery
2006 Small Works, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
1998 Icons on Glass, Yorkville Library, Toronto
1997 New Members, Sculptors Society of Canada
1996 Sculptures and Icons on Glass, Alliance Francaise, Dublin
1995 Invitational participation at International Sculpture Symposium, Roscommon,
1994 Sculptors' Society of Ireland, Northern Ireland
1991 Invitational participation at Int. Sculpture Symposium, "Granite 1991", Burkina Fasso
1989 Solo exhibition, The Pallady Hall, Iasi
1988 American Library, Bucharest
1987 Solo exhibition, The Round Hall Gallery, Iasi

Proca has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe. Her work is included in private and public collections including the University of Iasi.


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SSC Member Since: 1997