Canadian Sculptures' Society

Evgueni Kogan

Artist Statement
Music is rhythmically arranged sounds.
Dance is rhythmically arranged moves.
Poetry is rhythmically arranged words.
Sculpture is rhythmically arranged shapes.

Human's innate ability to respond to the rhythm audible or visual is a language of communication.

One can faithfully repeat visual material of life, I like composing new rhythmic arrangements.

I analytically investigate raw material of object, distill, condense and transform and express it in harmony of primitive geometric shapes.

Brief Biography
Born in UFA, Russia

1973 78 Art School, UFA, Russia
1987 82 Diploma in Sculpture / Teaching Art, Penza Art College
1989 91 Founder & Principal of Art School, Kogalim, Russia

Media Patinated bronze

Arts-Related Activities
1992 Immigrates to Israel
1992 93 Collaborative project with Photographer Paul Steinitz, Tel-Aviv / Paris
1993 02 Architectural restoration of historical landmarks, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2002 Immigrates to Toronto, Canada
2002 03 Returns to fine art of sculpture, member of City Sculpture Studio
2003 04 Sculpture instructor, City Sculpture Studio, Toronto
2004 Sculpture Assistant to Maryon Kantaroff

Selected Exhibitions
2006 New Members 2006, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2005 Mosaic, BB's Gallery, Toronto
2004 Life Forms, Al Green Sculpture Gallery, Toronto



Media: bronze

SSC Member Since: 2006