Canadian Sculptures' Society

Samuel Blaug

Artist Statement

Creating something new from something old has been my passion. An everyday item takes on new meaning. The organic flow of natural wood is a lifeline that allows me to experiment. Colour is an inspiration. I study the functionality and durability of my materials to successfully create sculpture pieces with their own personalities. My desire to entice viewer interaction / dialogue comes through these thoughts.

Brief Biography

Born in Israel

Artist's Student League, NY, NY
Art Program, Central Technical School, Toronto ON

Blaug has been producing three-dimensional work since 1962 at his Toronto studio in Mirvish Village. His work includes wood, welded metals, recycled materials, and bronze casting using the lost wax process. Blaug's work is included in numerous private collections in Canada and USA.


website: http://

Media: mixed media, found objects

SSC Member Since: 2009