Canadian Sculptures' Society

John Clinton

Artist Statement

I have always focused my sculpting on people, whether it be abstract, real life, or some combination of the two, whatever the media. I am obsessed with the back-story that is conveyed through a gesture, a nuance, or a look. I want my work to tell stories not just express sentiment.

Giacometti, Bernini, and Modigliani, Haida artists such as Bill Reid, and much of the amazing Mask work of the African Tribesmen have influenced my work. Whether the work be figurative, busts or masks this wide variety of style finds its way into each of my pieces as I strive to tell my stories.

Because the larger body of work has progressed from working in wood, stone and clay, to papiér maché, and then to bronze, I have found much of the nuance of the story is in the effect created within the patina. The surface works to define the piece – in effect becoming the texture of the story. I am fascinated by the fact that by altering the surface or the texture I can change the mood, the feeling and the emotion of the subject or story.

Working in wood taught me to appreciate how to manipulate the surface, stone taught me the power of the polished finish to convey strength and discipline, while paper taught me the power of colour combined with texture and the ability to bring vibrancy to my stories. From that I found I could combine and recreate in bronze. It opened up the ability to tell stories in a much more permanent, much more dramatic way.

Brief Biography

1985-95 Bronze Sculpture, Central Technical School
1975-77 Queen's University
1974-75 University of British Columbia

Selected Exhibitions
2009 New Members 2009, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2009 Ballas Gallery, Toronto
2008 Toronto International Art Fair
2008 Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC
2008 Chicago International Fair of Contemporary & Modern Art
2007 Toronto International Art Fair
2006 Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC
2006 The Gallery at Chateau Whistler, Whistler BC
2005 The Blue Dot Gallery, Toronto

2006 Banting & Best Award, Canadian Diabetes Association

Clinton has held the position of VP, and is the current Development Chair at The Power Plant.


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Media: bronze, stone

SSC Member Since: 2009