Canadian Sculptures' Society

Peter Shoebridge

Artist Statement

Up until very recently my interest has centered on form and figure, an awareness of the positive internal push on the surface which indicates life. Pieces are modeled in clay and I am always aware of the growing of the form. They are representational but the positive curves are always slightly exaggerated. Moldmaking has extended the creative process in two ways. Three dimensional curved planes are allowed to extend into space. And I can choose parts of the original to include or not, reducing the form, allowing the imagination to complete the original. Sometimes areas have been added. So far this has put the piece into a more romantic mode but one which is in contrast to the negative spaces, and the lost forms and edges suggesting not the ascendancy of the individual but eventual loss of our entire form.

I have an abiding interest in portraiture. Only through form and the eye's curiosity and the minds imagination as it is drawn around a piece can we engage with someone not there and feel a presence. I have also always enjoyed the richness of variation in the forms making up the head.

Currently I am exploring other media while furthering my interest in capturing the human form and spirit.

Brief Biography

Art Programmes, OCA, Central technical School, Toronto School of Art, Banff Centre for the Arts
BSc University of Toronto

Selected Exhibitions
2009 NEW Gallery, Toronto
2008 NEW Gallery
2004 Snapdragon Gallery, Ottawa

2010 SSC Presents New Members, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2009 Propeller Gallery, Toronto
2009 Engine Gallery
2008 Propeller Gallery
2008 Estonian Artists Exhibition, Toronto
2007 Estonian Artists Exhibition, Ottawa
2006 Estonian Artists Exhibition, Toronto
2005 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, City Hall
2004 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, City Hall

Shoebridge's commissioned works are included in many private collections.



Media: bronze, resin

SSC Member Since: 2010