Canadian Sculptures' Society

Artist Statement

My mixed media and cast cement series of work are grounded in my artistic practice of walking in which I engage in a detached method of a 'by chance' form of collecting. Made from recovered road debris randomly collected on walks, as well as non-art materials including cement and fragments of car parts, these sculptures are concerned with the pathology of fracture and in particular, how this fracture is expressed through the intensity of human dependence on petroleum. The material of petroleum points to a number of intrinsic, dynamic themes such as speed, anger, fractured relationships, war, aggressiveness, travel and playfulness. The numbering of each piece refers in part to the colours of the spectrum which are also visible in oil spots and spills, as well as corresponding to the major colours of the chakra system of energy as it is mapped along the spinal column.

The sculptural assemblage, (ie deChiricho Says Hi), is also grounded in my artistic practice of walking and collecting. Its structure alludes in part to sacred temples for the living and dead, ancient Greek dream temples, as well as temple forms and stones that mark burial sites. My sculptural assemblages all utilize cement as the casting medium. Cement is the much used construction material of our times, having a utilitarian, impersonal, and indeed even an institutional quality.

Brief Biography

2008 BFA, Honours With Distinction, Sculpture, Painting and Installation, Queen's University, Kingston, ON

Selected Exhibitions
2010 Petroleum: Spinal, Verb Gallery, Kingston, ON
2009 Dream Temples, Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, Kingston
2008 This War, Eastern Region Gathering, Canadian Unitarian Council, Kingston
2006 Translations, Ban Righ Centre for Women, Queen's University, Kingston

2011 New Members 2011, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2011 SSC Presents….Emerging Sculptors, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2010 Synergies (Art Shift Mentored Artist's Exhibition), Union Gallery, Kingston
2010 Green, Union Gallery, Kingston
2009 Cezanne's Closet, Union Gallery, Kingston
2008 Common Magic, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston

2008 Knock On Woods International Residency and Dwelling for Intervals, The Artel and Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, Kingston


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Media: mixed media / cast cement

SSC Member Since: 2011