Canadian Sculptures' Society

Iain Downie

Artist Statement

At some point in our lives we fall apart. We are cut down and ripped apart leaving only fragments of whom and what we used to be. Some take a chance at re-building while others fade and rot. Pieces go missing leaving us to fill in the blanks. We seek the best tools available to re-create and re-discover ourselves. Sometimes the re-creations are loose, unorganized and yet still exude beauty simply because the attempt was made. Other times the structure is strong and bold creating a new aesthetic making the re-creation even more beautiful than the person who came before. It is a new beginning.

The uses of varied adhesion materials in the reconstruction reflect the countless way we attempt to rebuild ourselves. Rope, glue and inter-structural dependence represent the therapy, medications, spirituality and self-reflection we use to heal ourselves. The use of wood comes from the common belief that trees are strong, rooted and majestic, yet still vulnerable. The childish feeling of building blocks and games of youth take us back to a time when we are most impressionable the time when we are making and shaping our lives. "Planting a seed for the future".

Brief Biography

2011 Diploma, Fine Arts, Fanshawe College, London ON

Selected Exhibitions
2014 New Members 2013, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2013 SSC Presents Emerging Sculptors, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2011 Graduate Exhibition, Fanshawe College

Downie was assistant curator at the Jonathan Bancroft Snell Gallery, London On. He was gallery assistant at The Arts Project, London ON.


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Media: mixed media

SSC Member Since: 2013