Canadian Sculptures' Society

Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of our relationship with objects and how we identify ourselves through them. Objects that are common and "everyday", that have both a contemporary and nostalgic value and evoke past memories and present experiences inspire my sculptural work. As a way for me to play with the meanings and connotations of the object's form and material, I use mould-making and casting techniques quite heavily in my practice. I work mostly with plastic materials such as resin and rubber because of resin's durability and rubber's likeness to organic flesh. This makes plastic the most appropriate material for my work because it correlates with the concepts of my pieces which are often about the body and how we position them in our everyday.

Brief Biography

2010 BFA, Sculpture & Installation, OCAD University

Selected Exhibitions
2014 New Members 2013, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2014 Hard Twist 8 This is Personal, Juried Fibre Arts Exhibition, Gladstone Hotel
2013 SSC Presents 14th Juried Emerging Sculptors Exhibition, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2013 ChildSight, Scarborough Arts 28th Juried Show, Papermill Gallery, Toronto
2012 KULTURA 2012, Pamahiin/Ritual, Kapisanan Arts & Cultural Centre, Toronto
2011 They're All Hybrids, Propeller Centre for Visual Arts, Toronto
2010 SSC Presents 15th Annual Juried Graduating Sculpture Student Exhibition
2010 Enter OCAD, OCAD University
2010 Hinge, InterAccess Electronic & Media Arts Centre, Toronto
2009 Preserving a Lost & Fantastic Universe of Infinite Odysseys, Switch Contemporary

2013 MST Bronze Ltd Sculpture Award
2010 Sculpture & Installation Medal, OCAD University
2010 Spoke Club Membership Prize
2010 Nora E. Vaughn Award, OCAD University
2010 InterAccess Media Arts Prize

Manalo currently works in a sculpture studio and lives in Toronto


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Media: Mixed Media

SSC Member Since: 2013