Canadian Sculptures' Society

Artist Statement

I would like to see the world in its naked vividness, ungrounded, immanent, outside of any system of signs - language, culture, history, politics etc. Within this matrix of the system of representation of power, we are constricted to think and feel in their tyrannies. As long as artists are engaged in 'strategies' that are being played out within the coded and structured system of signs, it is impossible for us to take a flight to the unknown, uncoded world of chaos to bring back a breeze of fresh air in our art works.

In the process of art making, I would like to meet the objects as they are, free from a grounded common sense viewpoint or preconceived 'concepts' as they come alive in their own terms exuding their own differences in the light of the moment, in their own imminent becoming. Only outside of the system of signs - the moment would bear all the past and all the future where death, freedom, and primal desire take their flight to deteriorate.

My work is about encountering every moment as it presents itself to me and materializing a singular moment's difference in a sculptural form, then have that form exude its own intense difference, therefore coming alive on its own - beckoning the viewer to join in that moment of eternity.

Brief Biography

MFA Johnson State College, Vermont, USA
BFA Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, USA

Selected Exhibitions
2014 New Members 2013, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2012 Mark Christopher Gallery, Toronto
2011 Omar Alonzo Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2010 Muse Gallery, Toronto
2010 Kyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Invitational Public Presentations
2013 International Art Exhibition, Madrid, Spain
2013 John State College Visual Art Centre, Sculpture Studio Named after Won Lee
2013 Monumental Sculpture Exhibition, Avenida Reforma Mexico City
2013 Sabrina Falzone e Arte del XXI Secolo, Milano, Savona, Torino, Italy
2012 Egypt to Rome, Embassy of Egypt, Rome, Italy
2012 Padova Art Fare, Milano, Italy

Corporate Collections of Large Works
The Presidential Palace, DR Congo
The Pride of The Valley Sculpture Park, UK
Lou Odette Windsor Sculpture Park
Mosan Museum Sculpture Park, Korea
Whi Moon High School, Korea
Bun Dang Memorial Park, Korea
Macay Museum, Yucatan
Peter Gray Museum, University of Guadalajara
Bicentenniel Park, Toluca
An Giang International Sculpture Ranch, Vietnam
Benini Foundation Sculpture Ranch, USA
Johnson State College, USA
Fort Canning National Park, Singapore
Kolon Corporation, Korea

Lee's studio practice is located in Canada and Mexico.


website: http://

Media: bronze, stainless steel, stone

SSC Member Since: 2013