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Dan Driscoll

Artist Statement

I believe that artists often get lost in their search for subject matter. I have, in the past, become frustrated with my own search for the perfect subject. The problem, more often than not, was that the subject was so perfect; it was simply hidden in plain sight. As a result of one of those searches, I became acutely aware of the latent, sculptural qualities of seemingly simple and benign objects. I realized I had become oblivious to the beauty of simple form. I think most of us have.

When isolated and carefully scrutinized, the folds and undulations of a simple piece of fabric becomes the focus of a magical, abstract image. Saturate that image with light and shadow, and suddenly you have a study in form. Now, if pure and simple form alone can be powerful enough to intrigue, it's the juxtaposition of random, detached and apparently unrelated forms that can overwhelm.

The sum of those disjointed pieces becomes a still life. Surreal and ambiguous, the beauty lies in its apparent simplicity. The planes and lines of my sculptures are defined by a shadow. The material of choice is wood. And when carved, it can speak volumes. All of my sculptures have been carved, by hand, from wood. I use no glue. Each element is carved from a single block of Basswood. No colour has been added, in fact quite the contrary. Everything that appears white is wood that has been treated with commercial artist bleach. The bleach removes the natural colour, and renders the wood pearl white. Elements that are black have been scorched with flame. The gold is 24K gold leaf.

Brief Biography

1991-1995 Part-time studies, sculpture, woodcarving. Cedar Ridge Creative Centre.
1988-1995 Part-time studies, drawing, sculpture. Toronto Board of Education.
BA, Studio Art / FX/Art / Special Make-up Effects / Sculpture, Denison University

Selected Exhibitions:
2005-2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto
2004-2006 Art Naturally, The Guild Inn, Toronto
Gallery on the Grange, Caledon
1995-2001 Ontario Woodcarvers Show, Toronto
The Bluffs Gallery, Toronto
1991-1995 Cedar Ridge Gallery, Toronto

2014 People's Choice Award, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2009 People's Choice Award, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2007 People's Choice Award, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2012 Best In Sculpture, Honourable Mention, TOAE.
2011 Best In Show, Honourable Mention, TOAE.

Driscoll's work has participated in numerous exhibitions in Ontario.


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SSC Member Since: 2015