Canadian Sculptures' Society

Herman Falke

Artist Statement:
My art has been the natural overflow of enjoying my 35 years of art teaching.
It has been primarily motivated by a desire to bring religion, and particularily Jesus Christ, to an understandable level through a realistic style.

Birth: Holland, 1928

1964 Art Specialist, Ontario College of Art
1959 H.S. Teacher's Certificate, College of Education, Toronto
1957 Bachelor of Art, University of Western Ontario, London

Solo Exhibitions:
2004-7 Waseda Galelry, Baileys Harbor, WI, USA
1999 Waseda GAllery, Baileys Harbor, WI, USA
1993 Sculptors Society of Canada Gallery, Toronto
1980 "Sculpture Inspired by 6 Years Teaching in Africa" Ufundi Gallery, Ottawa

Selected Group Exhibitions:
1986-2005 "Dante Biennale" Ravena, Italy

Stations of the Cross for ten different Churches, including: St Sosa Lee, Etobicoke; St Thomas More, Scarborough; Good Shepherd, Ottawa; St Mark, Aylmer Qubec.
Religious Sculptures for institutions, including: St Paul University, Ottawa; Dormaculata H.S., Ottawa; St Thomas Aquinas H.S., Russell Ontario.



Media: wood

SSC Member Since: 1976