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Edward Falkenberg

Artist Statement
Paradise Revisited: Dreamspace….Island Too….Orchard

Reflection, meditation, differing perspective or altered reality characterize the function of a personal dreamspace. It is a place across the divide from the mundane – where dreams and ideas flow freely from the unhibited mind. Whether this space is physically isolated, solace at the mountain top, or mentally isolated, anonymity in a unfamiliar coffee shop, a threshold must be traversed. Each person has his/her own preferred space where the mist of routine lifts and lucid thoughts resign.

From this series, I have applied the dreamspace theme to a child's treehouse. The treehouse is a created space that is physically separated from the outside world by both its walls and its location, high above the ground. In this situation one must climb a tree, crossing a clearly defined border from the adult-world to the child-world, to enter its sanctum. The trite world left on the ground becomes fresh and magical from this new vantage.

Brief Biography

Born in Alberta

1965 – Ontario College of Art, Honours Graduate, Industrial Design,
1958 – Alberta Institute of Technology and Art, Graduated Mechanical Drafting
1957 – University of Alberta Extension (Fine Arts)

Selected Exhibitions
2006 – Whitby Station Gallery, Whitby
2005 – Durham Arts Council

2006 – Small Works, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2006 – Earthbound IV, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2006 – Thought Mass, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

Falkenberg's work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally. His large scale commissions include: The University Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, ON; Pickering Town Centre, ON; Corporate Plaza, Scarborough, ON; Unipark Office Building, Waterloo, ON; Canadian Embassy, Saudi Arabia; Public Works, Downsview, ON; and Bell Canada, Don Mills, ON.




SSC Member Since: 2002