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Artist Statement

For Eamon, his sculpture is an attempt to materialize the abstract experiences of human existence: Emotions and Attitudes.

This initially came about while studying Anthropology/Archeology at the University of Toronto in the late 1970s. It was here that Eamon started confronting the dichotomy of the human condition: physical and metaphysical – not only his own, but the shared experiences of all humankind. While contemplating these different – and sometimes very abstract ideas, he thought if there was a means of 'capturing' these impressions in a physical manifestation – then it would help to bridge the two realms.

Eamon believes that there is a vital role for the artist in stimulating discussions, debates, and thoughts about the astonishment of living – in all of its many complex, contradictory, competing, compelling facets. No, not necessarily to find answers, but at the very least to provoke a conversation, a contemplation, of just what it means to be human.

"I am first and foremost a communicator. I have employed many media and techniques in my efforts to provoke, inspire, and engage others in contemplation and debate. Through these dialogues I hope to stimulate myself, and others, into exploring the many complex, compelling and often contradictory facets of human existence. I've lived in three countries, in four provinces in Canada and traveled extensively around the world. My experiences, emotions and education impact my impressions of our life experiences." E.

BA Anthropology / Archeology, University of Toronto

Selected Exhibitions
2010 small works, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2010 Critical Mass, John B. Aird Gallery
2009 Holiday Magic, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2009 Octogenii+1, John B. Aird Gallery
2009 I Am A Rock, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2009 Face to Face, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2008 80!…Still Going Strong, John B. Aird Gallery
2008 BodyWorks, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2007 Solstice, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2006 Small Works, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2004 The Art of Giving, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2003 All-Terrain, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2002 In the Raw, John B. Aird Gallery

Eamon lives in the Ottawa area with his partner. His work can be viewed in Calligrammes Gallery in Ottawa, and is included in private collections across Canada, the United States and Europe. He is a journalist by profession, and anthropologist by education, and a sculptor by inclination. Eamon was elected into the SSC in 2000.


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SSC Member Since: 2000