Canadian Sculptures' Society

Barbara Fletcher

Through a variety of materials, cast metal, welded metal, cast and sheet acrylic and wood, I have produced works that suggest human concerns, though mostly geometric and rectilinear in form. Some pieces deal with relationships between two or more forms, the tensions and the spaces. Others rely on the optical reactions and participation of the view or present intrinsic optical struggles with the internal self and the external image. Some pieces reveal interiors that are not expected, a glimpse that the external appearances are no always in the internal substance.

1987 Post-Grad Studies, Ontario College of Art
1980 AOCA, Ontario College of Art
1969 B Sc.Ed. University of Oklahoma
1969 Figurative Sculpture, University of Oklahoma

Select Exhibitions
2006 Small Works, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2006 Solstice, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2006 East/West, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2006 Earthbound III, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2006 Thought Mass, John B. Aird Gallery

Barbara has been on the faculty at the Ontario College of Art and Design for over twenty years. Her work is included in private and public collections in Canada, the United States, and Europe. She has been a member of the SSC since 1994.




SSC Member Since: 1994