Canadian Sculptures' Society

Al Green

Throughout most of his adult life, Al Green has devoted his considerable energies to the development of buildings and communities, principally in Toronto. In the Early 70's, he created one of the most ambitious urban mixed use projects combining high and low rise residences, parks, recreational and health facilities and commercial activities catering to some 10,000 people. The integration of art with his projects, has always been an important element in their design and implementation. The extensive use of interior paintings and many outdoor sculptures reflect his commitment In the late 1980's, with the encouragement of his wife Malka whose art background ranges from her extensive studies to her career as an independent art curator, an arts and crafts endowment at the renowned Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care and an innovative art therapy program at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital were established. Al Green's second career as a sculptor has become a central part of his life over the last few years. He has completed commissions for several organizations and corporations. His sculptures are included in many private collections in Canada and the United States. He is presently an active member of the executive of the Sculptor's Society of Canada. In his well-equipped studio he developed his own personal style, which is prominent in his current work. His cubistic and angular style is exciting to view, and emotionally evocative. He combines three dimensional formal elements with juxtaposing planes, depicted through his most inspiring subject - the human figure.



Media: Bronze

SSC Member Since: 2004