Canadian Sculptures' Society

Deborah Arnold

Artist Statement

When I start a new carving project, I feel the stone's presence and potential. Each stone keeps its original essence as I work with it to express the natural connection between me and its being, to bring its essence into unison with human feeling states. My sculpture is about the potential of fundamental form and energy in these enriched states of being. Often I draw with graphite or wide marker an unworked stone to acquaint myself with its potential. The drawings are notations of movement, rhythm, volume and energy direction. They help me understand where to start carving and what result I'm looking for.

I work directly on a stone with pneumatic equipment to reveal the contrast, movement and balance between emerging forms and the stone's stasis by first acknowledging the stone's existing structure.

I search for primal, simple forms in stone and develop sensuous, fleshy, organic volumes that resonate within timeless human experience. The narrative of a stone's natural creation and my dialogue with the stone's physical character bring into reality a new statement of being.

Brief Biography

1993 Diploma, Sculpture, Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa
1970 MA, Theatre Direction/Production, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA
1968 BFA, Theatre, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pennsylvania, USA

Selected Exhibitions
2010 Snapdragon Gallery, Ottawa
2008 Calligrammes Gallery, Ottawa
2006 The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, curated by David Aurandt
2000 Telpaz Gallery, Kanata, ON

2009 I Am A Rock, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2006 Mill Street Gallery, Almonte, ON
2004 Mill Street Gallery, Almonte, ON
2003 Merrickville Old Town Hall Gallery, Merrickville ON
2000 New Members, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2000 Constitution Square, Calligrammes Gallery, Ottawa

Corporate Commissions / Collections
2007 Redcliff Capital Inc., Ottawa
2006 Kyle Collection, LaJolla, California, USA
2002 Rochefort Collection, Ottawa
2001 Carver Collection, Almonte ON

Arnold's work is included in the Permanent Collection with The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa.
She was elected into the SSC in 2000. She resides and works in Almonte, ON.



Media: stone

SSC Member Since: 2004