Canadian Sculptures' Society

J. Mac

Artist Statement:
My art incorporates my search for life and meaning. I use my talents to reflect what I see in the world around me; whether it be the politics of living, or the social ramifications of our environment, or the humour O observe in our human frailties. I translate my theories into the plastic and figurative sculptural form. I laugh - I cry - I pray through my art...the expression of my innermost soul...

1970 OCE Ontario College of Education, Toronto
1965 Modern Art Post-Graduate Studies, University of Toronto
1964 Post-Graduate Studies, Ecole National Superieure des Beaux-Arts
1963 AOCA Ontario College of Art, Toronto

Solo Exhibitions:
2002 "Figurative Fiber" Howard County Center for the Arts, Maryland, USA
2001 "Signals" University of Toronto, Toronto
1996 "Attractors" Del Bello Galelry, Toronto
1995 "Other Worlds" Tarbox Gallery, Sand Diego, California, USA

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2004 "Artiade 2004 / Olymipics of Visual Art" Athens, Greece
2003 Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China
2003 "Museo Storico Natinzle International Exhibition" Vittoriano-Roma, Mentana, Italy
2003 "War and Peace" Caledon Centre for the Arts, Winner of People's Choice Award

Canada Dry, Toronto
Banners, School Lobby; Webb Zeraffa Menkes Architects, Toronto
Design Centre Collection, Manilla, Philippines
IDI Collection, Manila, Philippines



Media: mixed media

SSC Member Since: 2002