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Andr� Armand Masson

Artist Statement

Characterized by a multiplicity of aspects, the current state of contemporary art in Quebec lives by action and reaction at an increasingly frenetic pace. Different trends and ideas coexist within the artistic sphere. In this era of diversity and pluralism, few have the courage to return to the use of noble materials. This is why, as an art historian concerned with today's artists, I would like to draw your attention to the original works of bronze artist André Armand Masson.

For several years, this artist has been committed to a form of sculpture in which bronze becomes the object of a daring and unusual language. Sculptures by André Armand Masson position themselves between abstract and figurative. Freed from the shapeless mass, the forms emerging from the artist's hands represent the simultaneous paradox of power and the elusive fragility of the living world ˜ animal and vegetable.

Arising from a personal microcosm, these sometimes delicate and airborne, sometimes vigorous and unyielding poetic forms challenge the viewer's usual perception. They can be seen in a variety of ways, and their ability to sustain changing points of views suggests a break in the time line. Thus the viewer's gaze can linger on a maze of sinuous and organic curves. Each of the artist's works is characterized by changing textures. The bronze loses its cold and rigid nature to the look and feel of surface textures created by different techniques. From the artist's hands emerge mutations that give the bronze the appearance of fine coloured particles, with unfettered metal gracefully occupying space. Works of transgression, André Armand's sculptures constantly challenge the formal properties of metal. The resulting esthetic experience, shared by creator and viewer, arises from an intuitive, metaphorical vision that questions the ways in which we perceive reality.
-Yasmine Tremblay, historian


1978: Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal

Solo Exhibitions

2003 – 2009: Connexion terrestre (sculptures), 1040 Galerie ,Montréal
2001: Visio interior (sculptures,)Quebec Association of General Surgeons, Sherbrooke (invitation)
2000: Visio interior (sculptures), Marc-Aurèle Fortin Museum, Montreal (selection)
1988: Histoire rouge (painting), L'Informel Art Gallery, Montreal (selection)


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Media: bronze, mixed media

SSC Member Since: 2004