Canadian Sculptures' Society

Richard McNeill

Richard McNeill's ideas and concepts originate from an inward search tempered by eastern thought and Jungian theory. A sense of mystery pervades his works which intentionally merge the unconscious and rational worlds.Worked in a variety of methods and materials, his major pieces masterfully combine various degrees of figurative abstraction within structured environmental systems - relating to the psychological and spiritual stresses inherent in our condition. Through symbol, allusion, and nature, he metaphorically explores his concerns: mythic. philosophic. ecological. and sexual. As well, he continues the endless probing, bisecting, simplifying, rearranging, and distorting of the HEADS he began investigating in 1976.They range from the truly naturalistic to the completely abstract, but all address the viewer directly with a compelling presence and assurance. His work has been shown since the early seventies in significant regional and national exhibitions with major showings at the: MERTON GALLERY, 1976 ART GALLERY of NORTHUMBERLAND, 1977 KOFFLER GALLERY, 1982 PARKWA Y GLASSWORKS, 1991 & 94 SSC GALLERY, 1995 ZINC GALLERY, 1997 CANADIAN SCULPTURE CENTRE, 1997 . Many large works from his GAZER series were executed from 1978-1982. as commissions. for development sites in Metropolitan Toronto. He is the recipient of seven Ontario Arts Council grants and a Best of Show award. He has been widely reviewed and his work is included in many collections both corporate and private.




SSC Member Since: 1995