Canadian Sculptures' Society

Anne Lazare Mirvish

Artist Statement
Whether I create a portrait or an abstract,
the same values apply, coloured by my own personal vision. It is a continuous search and an adventure.

Anne Lazare Mirvish took art classes periodically in Toronto until 1962 when she went to New York to study with Paul Burlin, American abstract expressionist painter. After several months at Burlin's studio, she attended the New School of Social Research. Four months in New York greatly influenced her and sent her in search of further studios at various art schools and several trips to Europe. She then attended wood carving classes at the Central Technical School, Toronto, and finally specialized in sculpture. In 1969, she conducted a night course in sculpture at the Artists' Workshop, a non-profit organization in Toronto. Her goal in this course was to provide an environment conducive to creativity and greater self expression for the participating students.

She works in cast bronze, pewter, silver, wood, marble, and any other material that has possibilities. Her early training in Hamilton was with Percy Tacon and Hortense Gordon, of Painters Eleven.

1954 Banff School of Fine Art - Painting
1963 New School of Social Research and Art, New York
Guest Artists at Sculpture Centre, New York
Took critiques from Paul Burlin, New York
1964 Trips to England, Europe, Mexico and the U.S.A to study
at museums

Selected Exhibitions
2007 About Face, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2006 Thought Mass, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
2005 3 D Tales (Artsweek), Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
1988 AMSA Traveling Exhibition, in the U.S.A.
1987 FIDEM (International Federation of the Medal), Series "Intimate Hieroglyphs,"
Colorado Springs
1985 Art '85, Central Hospital, Toronto (sculptures)
1984 Art '84, Central Hospital, Toronto (sculptures and medals)
1983 XIXth Congress of FIDEM, Florence, Italy. Series "Memories of Tuscany" now in the
1975 International Sculpture Show, Pietrasanta, Italy



Media: Bronze, clay, silver, wood, marble

SSC Member Since: 1985